The Local Sport Shout-Out

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Don’t miss the Local Sports Shout-Out with Mike Lilje and The Afternoon Drive brought to you by Wendy’s!

Weekdays at 5:40 we spotlight some of the best performances from high school athletes in our listening area. All high school sports performances are highlighted from Track, Baseball, Softball, Boys Tennis, Lacrosse and more each weekday during the afternoon drive. 

Each day the Local Sports Shout-Out receives combo meals from Wendy’s who’s always believed a hamburger made with fresh, never frozen beef is a difference you can taste!

Have a team or someone you think deserves the “Local Sports Shout-Out”? Email and let him know!

The Local Sports Shout-out every weekday at 5:40 brought to you by Wendy’s and Your Country, K96!

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